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Privacy and Confidentiality

Confidentiality and privacy are the cornerstones of the mental health professions.


We adhere strictly to and are guided by the ethical and professional standards stipulated by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), the most stringent ethical code in the marriage and family therapy profession. We are committed to maintain the integrity and complete confidentiality of our clients.


Generally, the information that is discussed in a therapy session is held to the highest degree of confidentiality. Without your written consent, no information given to the therapist will be shared with another person or institution.


However, there are some situations in which your therapist will be required to release information you have disclosed to assure the safety of yourself and or others. 


These instances are as follows:- 


  • An emergency in which your life is in immediate danger.

  • Suspected danger towards yourself or another.

  • Suspected abuse or neglect of a child or elder person in your care.

If there are any circumstances that arise in therapy in which these events could occur, it will be essential that we discuss the situation in depth so that your rights to privacy are understood and protected. I would not release any information about you in these above circumstances without informing you first to the best of my ability. I believe it is essential to maintain a sound and trusting relationship, and will do whatever is reasonable and within my ability to keep the information you share with me safe and private.

Other ways confidentiality is protected include:


  • Not leaving revealing information on voicemail, and seeking patient permission before leaving any information at all on voicemail.

  • Not acknowledging to outside parties that a patient has an appointment.

  • Not discussing the contents of therapy with a third party without the explicit permission of the patient.

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