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Which Are You?



Dr. Christina encourages you to live an inner-directed life. She believes that this is not "selfish" rather, it is only through living an inner-directed life that we are able to connect and care for others genuinely.

Other-Directed Life


  • Very concerned about what others think of him/her.

  • Attempts to please others.

  • Feels compelled by shoulds, oughts and have-to's.

  • May try to control others.

  • Has difficulty expressing feelings.

  • Decision-making is difficult- is indecisive.

  • May be a caretaker or a taker.

  • Feels resentful and trapped.

  • Often feels tense, anxious, stressed or fearful.

  • May fear being alone or abandoned- is lonely.

  • May feel out of control.

  • Feels confused and uncertain

  • Often feels depressed.

  • Feels as if life is passing him/her by.

Inner-Directed Life

  • Checks in with him/herself frequently.

  • Feels no need to control others.

  • Has a high energy and involvement level.

  • Is willing to take risks in life.

  • Takes time out for him/herself regularly.

  • Has a support system of friends around him/her.

  • Is both responsible and childlike.

  • Is not dependent upon one person for all of his/her emotional well-being.

  • Has workable and realistic expectations in life.

  • Can give and receive love without losing him/herself.

  • Can confront and say "NO" when needed.

  • Is accepting of him/herself

  • Has the courage to be who he/she really is, not what anyone else expects.

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