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Transforming Lives in Marriage and Family Therapy
and Nation-Building

Dr. Christina stands as an esteemed professional, whose exceptional expertise in the Field of Psychotherapy - Marriage and Family Therapy has earned her widespread recognition and acclaim. Her remarkable achievements include being honoured as the Psychotherapy Centre of the Year in the Asia Pacific 2023 region, a prestigious award bestowed upon her by the esteemed Global-Health Asia Pacific organisation. Notably, Dr. Christina's psychotherapy centre holds the distinction of being the first in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region to receive such esteemed recognition for Marriage and Family Therapy.


This noteworthy recognition highlights Dr. Christina's unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality mental health services and her profound impact on the Field of Marriage and Family Therapy. Through her exceptional dedication and expertise, she has transformed the lives of countless individuals, couples and families, offering them a path towards healing, reconciliation and personal growth.


Furthermore, Dr. Christina's inclusion in Britishpedia's esteemed publication, "Successful People in Malaysia," 2022 published by British Publishing House Ltd solidifies her status as an individual of great influence and accomplishment. This revered encyclopedia, prominently displayed within the National Libraries of Singapore and Malaysia, pays homage to her pivotal series of accomplishments and her invaluable contributions to nation building. Her inclusion in Britishpedia is a testament to her remarkable journey and serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring professionals and future generations. Within the National Libraries of Singapore and Malaysia, Dr. Christina's presence serves as a shining example of excellence and serves as a reminder of her profound impact on the advancement of her homeland. Her exceptional contributions to nation building, combined with her remarkable accomplishments in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy have left an indelible mark on society.


In summary, Dr. Christina's distinction as the Asia Pacific region's Psychotherapy Centre of the Year, her pioneering role in Marriage and Family Therapy in Malaysia, and her recognition in Britishpedia solidify her exceptional professional stature. Her invaluable contributions to mental health services and unwavering commitment to nation building have earned her admiration and respect, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

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